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Comments and Reviews by Customers

"My husband and I moved to our new apartment a couple of months ago and wanted to organise housewarming dinner party for our close friends. We wanted to make this moment very special and memorable. Thats when we thought about Nana. We were very happy with our decision and would highly recommend Nana's Food Japan to anyone who wants to have unforgettable experience and super delicious meal! Nana brought everything with her including crockery and food and while we were enjoying time chatting and having a glass of wine with our guests in our living room, Nana set up a decorative table setting in our dining room with a selection of beautifully crafted Japanese starters. Throughout the meal we had a chance to try different Japanese dishes and ask Nana about aspects of Japanese culture which was really entertaining! The dessert was really tasty and it was something none of us had tried before even though we have eaten Japanese food many times! Thank you very much Nana!! We look forward to seeing you soon for our next special occasion!"

- Inna Rayskaya



"The most amazing food I ever tried!!! I am happy (and proud!) to say that I have had Nanas Catering on several occasions now and I am absolutely in love with it. Whatismore – she never ceases to impress me, ever (I would have thought at some point I’d get a bit used to the high standard of food and seasoning)

Most recently I was enjoying Nana’s Japanese food for Hinamatsuri – Japanese Girls Day. Nana gave me whole background of Japanese Food and Seasonal Culture, and even some background in Geishas. It was such a fabulous evening. The food however, oh god, fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe it! We had thin rolled beef filled with carrots and French beans (I’ve never been a fan of beef, but she’s turned me around), king prawns and with that rice that just questions our standards of rice altogether. She mixed together this amazing, well seasoned, hearty mushroom-rice and then on top of it put an almost sweet rice with salmon in it. The combination of a two is nothing short than an explosion of flavours in your mouth, absolutely astonishing!!! I’ve been craving for the flavour ever since and have even been trying to do it myself, but I guess there’s a secret and a lot of talent to it! So I will have to take Nanas Japanese Master Class next!

I can only highly recommend her catering. Obviously, the above comment speaks for the food, but her presentation, her lovely and friendly manner and her ever so interesting little side facts about Japan and Japanese food are just the nonplusultra!! If you’re not getting in touch with her – you loose out BIIIIG time!!"

-Lisa Herrmann



"Jon and I would like to say a big thank you to Nana and let her know how much we enjoyed the Masterclass. Not only have we learnt how to make fantastic Sushi, she gave us an authentic experience learning about Japan and Japanese culture which we found so very interesting. She was very accomodating to my dietary requirements too which I very much appreciated. We thank Nana for opening up her home to us and will be back very soon for the next lesson. "

-Kay and Jon


Very Good! I had lots of fun and the food and snacks tasted great. You were very patient and helpful:))

- Megan


Thank you so much, I really enjoyed myself Ifeel like I could become a Sushi chef now:)

- Alice


Today I really enjoyed myselfd and I learnt a lot. Thank you loads! I am certain to make more sushi at home. Thank you for being so patient with me and making today so enjoyable!



Very enjoyable afternoon, learnt lots about sushi. I will now be able to make more of it at home.

- James


A wonderful experience and a bargain at the price. Nana is very knowledgeable about history of Sushi, is a good teacher and makes learning fun and enjoyable!

- Marcus


I love this class. I have learnt so much, will definatley come back for more! Thank you:)

- Susi


I thought I knew all about Sushi - until I meet Nana! Had a great Saturday afternoon in masterclass with fab campany and excellent Sushi. Can't wait to attend my next masterclass!! Arigato

- Jo









(Thank you very for delivering such delicious lunch at our office. We have enjoyed our lunch so much. 
I am glad to see my daughter was enjoying as well. 
We especially liked the Salmon Sushi, it was just beautiful as well as Chicken Picata.
This is an amazing servise with great food and you just wait at home or the office to get delivered. )

-EIKURU代表Emina Barnes


"Just a note to thank you for such a great day.  You were so welcoming and helpful, and we all found the few hours really interesting and enjoyable – not to mention the fact that we could tuck in to our efforts as well!  Delicious (or should I say ‘oishi’!).  I have already recommended your ‘course’ to some friends, and hope they will be in touch to support you whilst you develop your dream to run a Japanese restaurant!  Keep us in the picture on that one please!"

-Julie Ashfield



"Nana Foods Japan is a catering and a course provider of Japanese food. Nana, which is the founder, chef and heart of the food made is an amazing person who really loves food! We had a very positive experience: Nana was cooking food and holding a mini course in various Japanese dishes (Sushi was of course included, but it was just one course of many other delicious dishes). She a very good chef and a teacher who explains everything in layman terms and enable me to cook this for myself later. She is always in a good mood and this really enrichens the experience."

-Jin Ha



"What a marvellous time we had. Nana was so informative, and we had a huge amount of fun. Learned a new skill. All was so beautifully done and presented. It's a must!"

- Sarah



"What a great way to spend a Monday! The Sushi lesson was such fun and most informative - we learnt a lot and look forward to practisong st home. So nice to meet you Nana and thank you very much."

- Di



"We have had a great time. Learning about the history of Sushi and education of Sushi chefs was a great precursor to the hands on making and tasting.

A very interestion, quite sticky and messy but very yummy time. Thank you.

I particularly liked the safety warnings "I'm carring the knife"

- Karen Meadows



"This was much more fun and a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.

The history and training background to Sushi making added to the experience.

I would reccomend this as great experience."
- John Meadows




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