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The magical flavour enhancer "Shiokoji"

I have introduced about this magical ingredient "Shiokoji" other day. I would like to talk deeper about it today.

Shiokoji is traditional ingredient of Japanese cooking its root is in Tohoku (Northern Japan). Shio means salt, and koji is bacteria used to ferment foods or make alcoholic drinks. What is Koji? Koji is key ingredient of Japanese food culture which have been existing for more than 2000years. It is cooked rice/soy bean has been inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae, a kind of mold is used to make miso, sake, mirin, and most importantly soy sauce.   

Mixture of sea salt, water and koji to be fermented to make Shiokoji. 

How to use Shiokoji?

It can be used in anything instead of salt, soy sauce, miso or suger. Fermentation give Shiokoji a mildly salty and sweet flavour. It enhances umami flavour, also makes meats and fish juicy and tender. Shiokoji is full of amino acid, the glutamic acid. 

Health benefit?

As it contains more than 100 kinds of enzymes and lactic acid bacteria which support digesting system. This makes the intestine in a healthy condition. 

So it gives umami, tenderise meat and healthy, why not to use?

You can buy online or make your own which is fairly easy. 

I will post my own recipe in couple of days time!! 

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