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Fri 26th& Sat 27th Jan Vegan Gluten-free evening menu

I am so happy to announce our first Vegan Gluten-free evening event!! 

We have decided on our special menu.

Starter: you can enjoy 5 different bite sized dishes

Yuko-san's "Kinpira" light fried carrots with sesame oil

"Temari-sushi" plum vinegar pickled raddish and cucumber topping

"Goma-ae" broccoli with home made sesame dressing

"Ganmodoki" tofu balls 

Tofu cheese 

Main: try Japanese traditional "Ichiju-issai" style(a bowl of soup and a vegetable dish)

Daikon steak with miso vinegar sauce

"Kayaku-gohan" rice with seasoned parsnip, carrot, dried shitake and beancurd

Clear soup with lotus root ball

Dessert: low in sugar, healthy with Japanese twist

Pumpkin brûlée with brown sauce

Two courses £20

Three courses £23

Booking essential by Thursday 25th Jan

All vegan GF but not compromising with taste at all. I am sure non vegan could enjoy the meal as well!!(including myself!!!!!)

Hope to see you at Nana's!


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