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Nana's Maid Cafe Sunday 8th April

Nana's Maid Cafe is back!! お帰りなさいませ! ご主人様! お嬢様! Okaerinasaimase! Goshujin-Sama! Ojou-Sama! For the first time Nana's Japanese Cafe will be hosting its own Japanese Style Maid Cafe. * * * Welcome to Nana's Maid Cafe! * * * We welcome you to a sample of what visiting a Maid Cafe in Japan would be like! We have a special menu for the event including lots of Maid Cafe Classics (such as Omurice decorated with ketchup) and Sweet Treats created especially for the cafe. With Guest Maids serving (as well as familiar faces) we will be happy to answer any questions about Maid Cafes and show you cute spells and games! Entry Tickets are £9 -This includes a decorated polaroid photo you can take with any of our Maids. Menu items are indivdiually priced The cafe will be open from 12:00 - 16:00 on this day Bookings essential on or 01926311323 We hope to see you there! * * * * * * A few important notes: - Join in where possible and be polite to our Guest Maids! Maid Cafes are more fun when you take part :) - Photos of the food and your polaroids are more than welcome and using the cafe and event hashtag to share them on social media even more so! - We do ask that NO PHOTOS be taken of the staff during this event * * * * * * * * * * * * Thank You~ Maid Lillie (リーリー) Please contact the page for more information about the event Graphics for this event by Mochi Media Ltd 

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