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What is Maid Cafe?

It is all about cute "Moe" culture started in Akihabara, the Japanese sanctuary town for anime&game lovers. 

おかえりなさいませ! Welcome Home! At a Maid Cafe you are made to feel you are coming home to a welcoming atmosphere. Popular in Japan and increasingly gaining popularity worldwide Maid cafes are a place you are treated like the Master or Lady of the household ~ The cute atmosphere of the cafe is well presented by our attentive staff, detail in our food menu (where you can be sure the food was hand prepared with your happiness in mind!) and above all a touch of magic and 萌え (Moe - endearing cuteness) so you feel you are stepping into an alternate, 'almost' anime dimension! This is a very special look into Akihabara culture and we replicate (the best we can) how it would feel to visit a Maid Cafe in Japan. For Nana's Maid Cafe you will have the following Maid Cafe Experiences as if you had just arrived at a cafe in Tokyo! - Cute Dishes hand prepared and decorated especially by our staff - with classic Maid Cafe dishes such as Omurice (Omelette Rice - decorated with ketchup) - Opportunity to play table games while your food is being prepared - Have a polaroid photo with your Maid as a keep sake, it'll be hand decorated for you also! Suitable for all ages and great fun for everyone - we hope to see you at Nana's Maid Cafe this April! See you soon!

- Booking Essential 

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