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Tanabata star festival talk and light meal Sunday 3rd June 14:00-16:00

Hi everyone! Here is another cultural talk with Mizuho Akiyama. This event will lead you to understand Japanese culture and ritual at deeper level! Please book your seat. Tanabata which is known as The Star Festival, is to celebrate romantic love story of Altair and Vega, who across the Milky way to meet each other only once in a year on 7th of July. It came under Chinese influences, however, it is also an important Japanese original ritual through the ages as same as many other festivals of Japan. we are going to make our wishes upon two stars in ways we do with Origami at our workshop and, off course, your favourite Nana’s special meal awaits you! We will be serving Somen (thin flour noodles) which to be eaten on Tanabata. 

Early bird booking by 31st May Adult £18 Student £16

Nornal admission

Adult £20 

Student £18

Booking essential. Book on or 01926311323 

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